Prague Tourist Information for visitors to the Czech Republic

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Welcome to your personal city guide and Prague tourist information website.

If you wander around in the historic center of Prague, you will likely encounter small silver plaques say “Silver Line Golden Prague.” These plaques are embedded in the ground near historical Prague tourist landmarks, and they are linked in a path that can be easily walked in a day.

The plaques point out the direction to the next Prague sight on the circle, so as long as you track them by keeping your eyes on the ground you will not get lost, and will end up right where you started.

Then you’re on your way to giving yourself pretty much the same tour that a professional Prague tour guide would, but you can slow down when you want, skip the bits that bore you and stop for a coffee or a cold beer anytime along the way. The length of the tour if you make all stops is eight kilometers, or about five miles.

Czech names for places are included as well, so you can show it to a local if you get a little side tracked.

This trip doesn’t cover everything, however. Prague Castle and the steps leading to it are not represented. Wallenstein Gardens doesn’t get a mention, though they are exquisite and entrance is free. The impressive Spanish Synagogue is left out, as well as Rudolfinum, the National Museum on Wenceslas Square, and Vysehrad, so it is strongly recommended you seek those places out on your own if you have another day for sightseeing.

But if all you have is a day – or even half – to spend in glorious Prague, then this printer-friendly, free and informative self-guided tour will enable you to get the most out of you time. A word about entrance fees and my photography: With the exception of two locations, all photos were taken from areas that are accessible with no charge. The details included along with each monument will give you something to look for, to help you appreciate some detail that might get lost. Whenever possible, I shot a picture of the outside of the buildings, where anyone can enjoy the same view for free, with two exceptions, which are noted. Most of the churches will ask for a small donation to enter, and all of the Synagogues will require over 200.- to gain entrance, and places like the Municipal House and National Theatre will be open to ticket holders of a performance. But the view from the outside as shown in these pictures is free for all. Enjoy!

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